• All citizens must be equal.

    - Aristotle

    Equality is the first element of bliss, peace and virtue.

    - Nicolas de Condorcet

    If reciprocity does not exist, there is no equality.

    - George Sand

  • Today we give loose change to the homeless hoping to help with their immediate needs. In reality our daily donations perpetuate a growing urban-epidemic and unwittingly we help keep the homeless in a vicious cycle.

    With the generous cooperation and collaboration of social workers, PhD’s, mathematicians and software developers, we've crafted a transparent donation system that embraces both the homeless and daily-donors. Our desire is to disrupt the daily-giving paradigm with technology and social empowerment and begin to take steps to realize this new ambitious vision;

      1. Transform routine daily-donations into housing solutions.
      2. Re-examine charitable trust + accountability with blockchain innovation.
      3. Eliminate stigma and judgment linked to panhandling.
      4. Eviscerate this paradigm as something we accept as normal.
      5. Elevate Participants into a financial services structure.
      6. Expand and grow the daily-donor-base in every city.
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